monitoring system

  • Resident ‘checking’ overview
  • Portable documentation
  • Evidence of checks
  • Care plan integration
  • Easy installation
  • Compact
  • Low cost
  • Stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Time spent in domiciliary visits


Night Owl Care Monitoring System

Night Owl is a monitoring system for care homes, nursing homes, domicilary providers or hospitals where routine checks are made for residents and clients. It gives valuable accurate information and can evidence any nightly activity.


  • Confirms that regular checks are carried out
  • When was the resident awake?
  • Last given a drink?
  • Incontinent pad changed?

All this information can be transferred onto a computer and you have recorded evidence that all necessary checks have been made.

Night Owl helps

  • protect your establishment
  • re-assure CareManagers
  • protect your residents and
  • provide evidence of checks

There are so many complaints about incorrect recording of information, this system gives an accurate record of the nights events.

“In analysing the data, we are clearly able to see response times to calls, level of care needed and changes in nighttime behaviour of the residents.

I thoroughly recommend this product and my staff overwhelmingly agree.”